The PWD Company in the Poppers Industry and Their History

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Rush poppers is one of the most renowned and widely used brands for poppers that is available in the market today. The poppers as inhalants have become pretty common amongst the youth nowadays and an increasing number of consumers are taking to this product for that feeling of recreation and rejuvenation. The poppers have been in use since a long way back in the past but they have become more renowned and mainstream since the recent decades of 80s and 90s. The poppers, is consumed particularly in the various disco as well as rave parties and is now a common product of consumption amongst the party goers.

Rush poppers manufactured by the Pac West Distributing (PWD) is one of the leading brands and a premier player in the manufacture as well as distribution of poppers in the market. The official name for their poppernever fake it The PWD Company in the Poppers Industry and Their History product is Rush Incense liquid and due to its high success rate has gained tremendous acceptance amongst the consumers. According to the various studies as well as research, these poppers, as is the case with some of the other recreational drugs, have an adverse effect on health. However the instant benefits and the various advantages that these poppers provide is an incentive enough for the consumers to purchase and consume it.

Rush poppers are known to enhance the sexual experience and provide that much needed enthusiasm. Apart from that these poppers provide instant relaxation as well as various other benefits that prompt the consumers to get addicted to it. These poppers contain isobutyl nitrite which is pretty much a legal drug and is available freely for sale. There are some people who confuse isobutyl nitrite with amyl nitrate. The difference between the two is that while nitrite is legal and freely available, amyl nitrate is prescription based drug which means that it can be sold only via the prescription of a professional.

As mentioned earlier the poppers were first manufactured and used way back in the 1800s but they have become well known and renowned since the past few decades of 80 and 90s. Amongst the various poppers available in the market PWD rush poppers is a premier name and amongst the top manufacturers of the popper industry. The PWD rush poppers was founded almost forty years back and since then it has been one of the preferred choices of the consumers for poppers consumption.

The liquid incense from the rush poppers, is the leading brand in the world since the past few decades and has gained peak position in the odorant market. The marketing team of the PWD rush poppers has marketed their products in more than hundred nations across the globe and that led to massive boost to the sales of the company. The popularity of the liquid incense product from the company can be gauged from the fact that it has been featured in most of the major publications of the world such as Time magazine, Daily mirror and others.

The rush poppers have thus become almost a house-hold name owing to its popularity amongst the consumers.

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  1. peter core says:
    July 19th, 2015 at 2:54 pm

    i bought what was supposed to be rush im sure is fake, do you know what chemical formula should be. Here is what is on my bottle 85% alcohol 5%HCL 5% water 5% other? i dont see isobutyl any where and i can tell its not right, i want to send what the chemical breakdown should be

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