What are Amyl Nitrate Poppers and Its Side Effects

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Amy Nitrate Poppers are known to give people a heat and euphoric sensation. Some people describe it as having a burst of energy for a short period of time. Others say it is an aphrodisiac when taken for recreational purposes. This is not a new drug since it has been in the club scene since the 1970s. It is usually sold in small mesh covered ampules and it is used by popping it or snapping it to release the vapors.
The effect of taking amyl nitrate poppers is quick, instantaneous and brief but it is described as a very intense feeling. The cause of this instant intense feeling is the rush of blood to the brain and the heart. It only lasts for two to five minutes.
Like most drugs, the amyl nitrate poppers have some side effects. The person may feel light headed and his or her face may look flushed. The heart rate would increase and feeling of warm sensation will overcome the person’s body. Some people also experience some type of illusion that time is slowing down for them. It is also mentioned that this drug is considered as an aphrodisiac because it increases sexual arousal and desire. Orgasm can also be prolonged.
Negative side effects of amyl nitrate poppers include headache and dizziness. Some people would also vomit after they’ve come down from their euphoric state. Since their heart rate increased, they may also experience fainting or shortness of breath and nausea.
If a person has a low blood pressure, they should avoid using amyl nitrate poppers. Anyone who has heart issues and heart problems should think twice before taking in this substance. People who also encounter shortness of breath or has glaucoma should not try this.
The amyl nitrate is highly flammable so it should not come in contact with cigarettes or lighters. It is also considered as poisonous so it should not be taken orally. If a person spills some on the skin, it is recommended to wash it off immediately. Taking it with other drugs or stimulants is also dangerous. This will put too much strain in the person’s heart and it would be very dangerous for him or her.
The amyl nitrate was first produced in the 1850s for the purpose of treating angina. The vapor from the amyl nitrate will cause the veins and arteries to dilate and this will result in faster blood flow to both the heart and the brain.
It was found that the amyl nitrate popper is not physically addictive. The person using it may depend on it to feel good but there is no evidence that there is a physical craving to take this substance habitually. Compared to other recreational drugs such as marijuana, this substance poses little threat to the user.
So is this a legal substance or not? Nitrites are banned in the US since 1988. Amyl Nitrite can be sold with prescription and it is not a controlled substance in the US. It is illegal for someone to sell amyl nitrate poppers as inhalants.
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