Why Amyl Nitrate and Poppers Are Great for Gays and Straight

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Popper is the term used in the streets when people refer to amyl nitrite, a substance ingested or inhaled for recreational purposes. Doctors used to prescribe the substance for patients suffering for certain heart disease. Amyl nitrite is considered as an illegal substance, but you can still use it and buy it if you know where the right sources are.

Effects of Popper / Amyl Nitriterush single bottle Why Amyl Nitrate and Poppers Are Great for Gays and Straight

Poppers are inhaled, and relaxes the smooth muscles in your body, giving you a relaxed and soothing sensation. One of the salient features of this substance is the excellent sensation you will feel in your genitalia, especially in the muscles of the anus and the vagina.

For this reason, Amyl Nitrate and Popper are great for both gays and straight because of the sexual pleasure it delivers to the anus and vagina. The blood vessels in the anus and vagina dilate, further increasing the sensation and the pleasure during intercourse. Anal sex, which is common among gays, does not feel painful. In fact, some people who have used Popper and amyl nitrate before and during intercourse report that the experience of anal sex was more pleasurable, smoother, and less painful.

Aside from these effects, Popper is also responsible for feelings of euphoria or head rush when used. There are many people who use Popper and amyl nitrate as a party drug, precisely because of the enhancement of sexual pleasure and the inducement of heightened happiness.

Overall, the effects of Popper and amyl nitrate is to relax the smooth muscles in your body, which are greatly experienced and felt at the anus and vagina. It also increases the dilation of the blood148 300x300 Why Amyl Nitrate and Poppers Are Great for Gays and Straightvessels in your body, causing your heart to pump faster while delivering more excitement and adrenaline when the substance is still active in your system.

The effects of Popper and amyl nitrate is one of the fastest in ingested substances. You will immediately feel the effects of the substance a couple of minutes after you ingest or inhale it. You can prolong the effects of euphoria simply by taking the right dose of amyl nitrite.

Precautions in Popper and Amyl Nitrate

If you have a history of heart disease, doctors do not encourage the use of the substance, just like other medicines that have cardiovascular effects. If you want to use Poppers or amyl nitrate, you must have a healthy body mass index, a healthy blood pressure, and you must also be prepared for a long night of excitement and thrill once you ingest the substance.

Make sure that you also ingest the prescribed amount when you are about to party or have sexual intercourse. People who overdose on Popper or amyl nitrate report that they experienced nausea and vomiting, shortness of breath, hyperventilation, and dizziness.


Overall, you must use Popper or amyl nitrate in moderate amounts, as anything that is excessive can prove dangerous. Amyl nitrite is recognized by doctors as a potent substance for heart patients, and is used to relax the muscles and treat heart diseases in patients. Popper is also a popular party drug that induces a state of euphoria.

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  1. Brian Edwards says:
    January 13th, 2013 at 11:07 am

    I am trying to purchase a bottle of Poppers. I am located in UK but what I do not understand those on offer have no content analysis, (whats in it?) and no purity advice (how pure?).

    Is there a brand on the market which provides this?

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